about maggie

welcome to my little corner of the internet! i am still so very new in the blogging community (only a year under my belt as an official 'blogger') but i have loved putting my stamp on the big ol' World Wide Web. blogging and reading other people's blogs has become one of my favorite pastimes. i am always very inspired by the lives that others lead and i find technology so amazing that it allows me get a peek into the lives of those inspiring people on a daily basis. i love that family and friends from all over the map can check in on how my bedroom redesign is coming along or how much my little girl has grown in the past few months.

the rustic jade is a place for hannah and i to share our lives and specifically one of our very favorite hobbies...junking! not only am i a junker and a blogger, but wife and mommy are my two most favorite jobs! my husband, brandon, has been one of the rustic jade's biggest supporters. my manly, marine of a husband is one of the first people to help me dig through someone's nasty basement for hidden treasures. he has spent countless days at estate auctions, bidding on dilapidated windows and dusty, ancient fans and he even drove to the middle of rural iowa for a set of craigslist chairs that i had to have. needless to say, he's been pretty encouraging of my rusty, junking habits. i heart you, brando-man:)

my sweet two year old, peyton jane, is the center of my world. she is at a very independent and sassy stage, but i love the changes that i get to witness everyday as a stay at home mom. i wouldn't go as far to say that the 'two's' are terrible, but more like the 'trying two's'. as in, trying my patience all day long. motherhood has been a fun ride though and i wouldn't trade a minute of it. along with my full time mommy job, i am also a full time in-home childcare provider for a few other little people. aka, i am super busy. but i always find time to do the things i love, and this blog is one of them!

thank you for your comments, encouragement and your readership. i appreciate every bit of it!