Sunday, January 6, 2013

We're Baaaaaack!

Wow. It's been way too long. We're so sorry! After the Junk Jubilee show last (gulp) April, we were pretty pooped and thought we would take a little break. Well, that break turned out to be much longer than we originally anticipated!You know how time flies and easily gets away from you, right?!

A lot of things have happened since then...Maggie had her second baby (Hudson...what a cutie!) and I traveled across the world to Africa! There were a bunch of junk things I was wishing I could bring back with me : )

However, we're ready to start junkin' again and can't wait! Please stay tuned...we're hoping for some fun things ahead!


Monday, March 26, 2012

Junk Jubliee

hi everyone!
sorry to all our faithful readers who loyally check up on our blog. we have taken a hiatus from blogging for now, to get ready for our upcoming show....The Junk Jubilee (or as my husband lovingly calls it, "The Garbage Show")! hannah and i have had some discussions about the future of the rustic jade blog and we are excited to share some new and exciting changes with you soon.

for now, please mark your calendars for April 27th, 28th and 29th and come to the fairgrounds to see us!

click to view this larger

xoxo and lots of junk lovin',

Friday, February 17, 2012


check out the new addition to our family:)
isn't she purty??

our neighbor's daughter, Jodie, recently moved and had an extra chandelier that she no longer wanted to use. after being in our home and seeing my love for junk, old, rustic and antique, she offered to give us the chandelier. give!! i was super excited and couldn't believe she was willing to part with it. after a million hugs and 'thank you's', this baby found it's way into our house.
Jodie has a love home decorating, DIY and specifically, chandeliers. she said in her old house, there was a chandelier in every room, and had found this specific chandelier in an antique shop down in Atlanta, where she used to live.

we actually acquired it over the summer, but it sat in our guest room for months before brandon and my dad got around to hooking it up. the last light that was over our table was much to close to the wall, making it hard to center the table. back in the 50's, when this house was built, this room was the dining room and living room, and i imagine the table was much more humble in size, since the rest of the room housed things like couches, chairs and a t.v.
we like to accommodate all our dinner guests and giving them two inches of room to squeeze into their chair just wasn't cutting it. so we chose to use a hook to swag the chain over about a foot and center the light over the pushed out table.
instead of the usual flame shaped bulbs, i opted for round bulbs, to modernize things a little. my next step is to take off the black tubes that the bulbs sit on and paint them another color, other than black. my first thought would be either oil rubbed bronze or off white, but now i wonder if adding a little pop of color on them could be cool? that's the beauty of spray can change your mind and it's no big deal to change it up again. and with the collection of spray paint that i own, i could definitely try a few different options!
lastly, next on my agenda is to re-paint or find new frames for my friend-less frame wall (as brandon calls it:)) since the chandelier speaks volumes and is such a statement piece, i want to tone down the background colors and do something more neutral and less colorful. i loved the look of that wall at first, but now with two competing design elements, something needs to change.

the rustic jade team is a-thriftin' this weekend, so maybe i will find some things to add and replace on my frame wall.....fingers crossed!

tell me your thoughts on Lady Chandelier! suggestions on colors and options to switch things up a little....i need me some more 'flow' in this room. help!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy wuv day:)

disclaimer: sorry about all the weird spacing today....not sure how to fix it and no time to mess around with it. annoying. 

after being told, "i love you", peyton will usually respond back, "wuv!" she must understand that the other two words in the sentence are not as important as the middle word. such a smart girl:)

i hope there is a lot of 'wuv' in your life today! i woke up to a half dozen cupcakes from Nan's Nummies and thoroughly enjoyed one for breakfast:) my hubby definitely knows what this pregnant mama craves!

happy valentines day to me

does anyone have any fun plans for tonight? brandon and i usually go out and celebrate, but tonight we're incorporating brandon's other important valentine in his life and staying in to hang out as a family. he's making us a fancy, homemade, heart shaped pizza! peyton and i will also dive into the cupcakes as well.....that's if there's any left by tonight:)

yesterday, we spent our day battling a cold and a fever. poor peyton woke up at 6 am yesterday, calling for mama and saying, "", so i loaded her up with meds and gave her a bath. although she wasn't quite herself yesterday, we managed to make a few valentines for the special people in her life:) v-day is the best holiday to get out all the scrapbook paper, the pink and red crayons and loads of glitter, don't you think?

here's some of my valentines decor...i have a lot of pink accessories around the house, because of peyton's room and my early college days, so i threw some coordinating things together and smiled at all the pink. i think it should stay well past valentines day. brandon does not:)

peyton's creation from sunday school

some homemade heart garland. simple, cute and cheap.

lastly, here's a shot of my littlest valentine today. grandparents, consider this your virtual valentine:)

and just for comparison:

peyton's first valentine's day....sigh....
happy valentines day to you! may it be full of love<3

extra hugs and kisses,

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Junk Jubilee!

 hannah and i are super stoked to inform everyone that The Rustic Jade will be a vendor this year at the Junk Jubilee! woohoo!!

image from

all the information is on the website, but here's the important stuff:

when: April 27th, 28th and 29th (Friday, Saturday AND Sunday!)

what time: Friday and Saturday 9am - 6pm and Sunday 10am - 4pm

where: iowa state fairgrounds 4H building, here in Des Moines

just like our last show, we will be buddying up with our 'silent partner', Meg, who will showcase and sell all of her fantastic finds along with the things hannah and i have been working on. we are all flooded with excitement and nerves as this weekend gets closer and are elated to be a part of such a great group of vendors!

hannah, meg and i would love to see you there! come check out our booth and say 'hi'! even if junk isn't your thing, there are a lot of vintage pieces and re-purposed items and you may find something that you can't live without. i'm sure i will:)


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Junk Funk

Ugh. Is anyone else feeling the "blah" of winter yet? I know, it seems it just began (since we really haven't had much snow or cold until now)...but that's not what gets me. I just have a hard time when it's pitch black when I wake up and then also dark not too long after I return home from work.

The other part about it, is that it makes it really hard for a girl to "junk"! I've been lacking in my good finds lately. I thought some of you may be in the same "junk funk" that I am in, so I thought I would share one of my secrets. You wanna know a place you can find some unexpected junks and rustic feeling items?? Gordman's. It's totally either hit or miss, but oh man--is it fun when you get a hit! And isn't that how real junking works anyway??!

A lot of the stuff that you find in my house, as well as my mom and sister's, actually comes from Gordman's. It's cute stuff at a great price, which is always hard to pass up! Here are some examples:
A cute "egg" basket. Hard to see here, but it has a worn, red, rubber handle. Now I just need to think of what to put in it--any suggestions?? Heidi got this for me for Christmas, as well as the other goody that you see below...

A cute crate box. You can find one of these in each household of the women in my family!

I loved this "Home" sign and I was able to snag it for a really good deal!!
Some other fun things that I got for Christmas (I got a lot of fun stuff, but forgot to take pics of some of it before I packed it away for next year's Christmas decorating!):
You might recognize this from my post about the craft show that I want to this past fall. I was so exited to finally get it from Heidi for Christmas!! :)

I LOVED my rustic letter my mom got me!
So there you have it...those are some of my most recent fun things. What about you? Where do you go during the winter to get your junk fill??


Monday, January 16, 2012

crave city

hi folks! happy MLK day! although i still have to work, my lovely hubby does not, so i am happy to have a helper today. i think he would prefer to be at work:)

these days, you can most likely find me digging through the fridge. my pregnancy cravings have been out of control. and breakfast food is my weakness. cereal, muffins, poptarts, bagels, oatmeal, grapefruit and smoothies have been my food of choice. it's insane! makes me think this baby might be a girl, since i was the same way when i was pregnant with peyton. i used to have to keep boxes of cereal at my desk and would snack on them all day long....i bet my co-workers loved me!

this combo has especially been a recent fave of mine:

hannah banana, introduced this chai to me way back in our college days and i recently came across it at hy-vee (in the health food section). i drink it hot at night and over ice in the morning and it's amazing. better than the chai at starbucks. and panera bagels are always a must-have. in fact, since we're out, i might send brandon on a special errand today to pick me up some. he's definitely getting used to eating weird things at the very moment i think of them. such a trooper, he is:)

i'm off to eat my second morning snack of the day! hope your monday is a happy one:)