Sunday, October 2, 2011

gone junkin'

a couple of weekends ago, maggie and i headed up to gilbert, ia, prepared to search for junk for the day. a stop at starbucks to warm up with a nice cup of chai was just what we needed before hitting the road.

our destination? jb knacker's "fall for junk" festival. not only would the whole store be 20% off, but there would also be vendors outside, as well as a map with directions to other surrounding area barns/stores selling similar stuff. ahhh, we were in heaven. i mean, how can you not be with a view such as this?!

 just beautiful.

miss maggie and i at one of the stops.

i ❤ red barns.

and a fun lil' surprise--another bestie of ours was able to come along for part of the ride! we love you, meg! (by the way, be looking for some fun stuff from meg on our blog in the future!)

wanna see some of our finds?? stay tuned..... :)


1 comment:

  1. we need to do this again...we could get in some serious trouble if we find too much good junk! :)