Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Photo Recap!

As Maggie promised, here are some pics to re-cap our show! She will probably post some as well from her point of view, but here are some of my favs that I snapped...

 Meg's cute handmade signs...

 It's hard to see, but Meg made a bunch of really cute twig snowflake ornaments--maybe she will have to post a better picture :)
 Lot's of fun stuff! I LOVE the chalkboard headboard Meg made!

 A magnetic board with a barnwood frame...and cute jade colored boards with hooks!
 A shot of the whole booth!
 More frames....
 Our handsome helper :)
 The Rustic Jaders and their partner in crime :)
 A closer up view of a variety of frames. You can use them for many different things: hanging earrings, Christmas ornaments (as you can see below), to display pictures or cards by using clothespins (like our Rustic Jade sign), etc...
 The insulators! They looked so pretty all lit up!

We enjoyed doing our first show and hope to continue to do more! We met some really cool people, including our vendor neighbor Lucy's Forget Me Nots. Check them out on Facebook or Etsy--they sell mittens that they've recycled from old sweaters! They are all very neat and warm--I got a pair :)



  1. You girls have such cute and creative ideas! Congratulations on completing your first show. Each one will bring new experiences. So fun that you get to do it together!

  2. Yay for the first show!! Thanks to the hubbies for all the help! Love you girlies

  3. Wow! You had way more stuff than I pictured. It looks great!! I wish I could have gone shopping at your booth :)