Monday, January 16, 2012

crave city

hi folks! happy MLK day! although i still have to work, my lovely hubby does not, so i am happy to have a helper today. i think he would prefer to be at work:)

these days, you can most likely find me digging through the fridge. my pregnancy cravings have been out of control. and breakfast food is my weakness. cereal, muffins, poptarts, bagels, oatmeal, grapefruit and smoothies have been my food of choice. it's insane! makes me think this baby might be a girl, since i was the same way when i was pregnant with peyton. i used to have to keep boxes of cereal at my desk and would snack on them all day long....i bet my co-workers loved me!

this combo has especially been a recent fave of mine:

hannah banana, introduced this chai to me way back in our college days and i recently came across it at hy-vee (in the health food section). i drink it hot at night and over ice in the morning and it's amazing. better than the chai at starbucks. and panera bagels are always a must-have. in fact, since we're out, i might send brandon on a special errand today to pick me up some. he's definitely getting used to eating weird things at the very moment i think of them. such a trooper, he is:)

i'm off to eat my second morning snack of the day! hope your monday is a happy one:)


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  1. Have to tell you, I only had food cravings for my one boy pregnancy and never for either of you girls, but I don't put much stock in telling the sex of the baby that way. We'll love that little gummy bear whether it is a he or a she.