Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy wuv day:)

disclaimer: sorry about all the weird spacing today....not sure how to fix it and no time to mess around with it. annoying. 

after being told, "i love you", peyton will usually respond back, "wuv!" she must understand that the other two words in the sentence are not as important as the middle word. such a smart girl:)

i hope there is a lot of 'wuv' in your life today! i woke up to a half dozen cupcakes from Nan's Nummies and thoroughly enjoyed one for breakfast:) my hubby definitely knows what this pregnant mama craves!

happy valentines day to me

does anyone have any fun plans for tonight? brandon and i usually go out and celebrate, but tonight we're incorporating brandon's other important valentine in his life and staying in to hang out as a family. he's making us a fancy, homemade, heart shaped pizza! peyton and i will also dive into the cupcakes as well.....that's if there's any left by tonight:)

yesterday, we spent our day battling a cold and a fever. poor peyton woke up at 6 am yesterday, calling for mama and saying, "hot.....hot", so i loaded her up with meds and gave her a bath. although she wasn't quite herself yesterday, we managed to make a few valentines for the special people in her life:) v-day is the best holiday to get out all the scrapbook paper, the pink and red crayons and loads of glitter, don't you think?

here's some of my valentines decor...i have a lot of pink accessories around the house, because of peyton's room and my early college days, so i threw some coordinating things together and smiled at all the pink. i think it should stay well past valentines day. brandon does not:)

peyton's creation from sunday school

some homemade heart garland. simple, cute and cheap.

lastly, here's a shot of my littlest valentine today. grandparents, consider this your virtual valentine:)

and just for comparison:

peyton's first valentine's day....sigh....
happy valentines day to you! may it be full of love<3

extra hugs and kisses,


  1. Awww, maybe Peyton can be my little Valentine too. Her hair looks so light! I also love;) your pink decor. Will you style my home please? Miss you, hope to see you sooner than later!!

  2. My favorite pink thing in all that decor is the one with the sweet smile! My, how she has changed! Love you . . .