Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!

Halloween was especially fun this year. peyton is at a great age to dress up and parade around...and she did a great job trick or treating last night. she walked up to each door and would knock and then wait patiently for someone to come out and gush at how cute she was:) she learned the drill pretty quick and we came home with lots of candy  for me to eat for breakfast

this is the costume she wore last night, but this picture was taken last week before brandon's work halloween party.

please don't judge the face paint. you try making a two year old sit still....and then make them promise not to touch their face. yeah, right. she definitely turned out more like a tiger in a lion costume. but still cute nonetheless. we toned down the face paint for last night, for the sake of all our clothes. 

over the weekend, we went up to north iowa to visit brandon's family and have some more halloween fun. here is grandma GiGi wrangling peyton. the girl is impossible to get a good picture of these days....this is the best one i got. these were also her first pig tails, courtesy of auntie blair.

sweet, little bumble bee
and while we're in the spirit of fall and all things cute, here are some pictures i shot last week while we were outside playing under the beautiful, orange tree. since we moved in during the winter, we had no idea that this tree would transform into such a gorgeous color. a great backdrop for a fall photo shoot!

soaking this up while i can. soon this tree will be naked!

fall mums from our backyard

my sweet girl in her element: the great outdoors.

mama loves

 i can't believe tomorrow is november. where did october go?? 



  1. Peyton looks so adorable! And I love the pigtails on her! :) I can't get over how big she looks too. I can't believe November is here either, ahh!

  2. Love, love, love that little girl!