Wednesday, November 2, 2011

rustic meets mod

Please still let us know if you are interested in us making another!

looking for a great christmas idea for that girl with too many earrings??  look no further! here is a stunning way to display all your favorite accessories. rustic and shabby wood paired with a cool, geometric patterned screen makes a perfect home for your jewelry. 

and for the can never have too many earrings.

fun, fabulous and functional
 i used to store all my earrings in one giant makeup bag. so whenever i needed a pair, i would pick up the giant, tangled mess of jewels and frantically search and unhook each earring. you know, since earrings are always the last thing i haphazardly throw on as i'm running out the door.

thankfully, this ritual no longer happens. all my earrings are happily smiling at me, separated into neat, little pairs, while hooked onto an earring display frame. a frame very similar to this one here. (okay okay, i might have three of these i said...never enough earrings...)

a closer view of the details
this particular frame is 20 x 24 inches and hangs on the wall. not only is it functional, but it makes a great piece of wall art!

we are selling this lovely display frame for $25, so please email us at if you are interested in purchasing it. hannah and i have been busy little bees lately, and have been creating more and more items that will eventually be up in our rustic jade shop. we would be happy to create a custom color and size of frame for anyone who is interested, as we understand that everyone has their own preferences. prices may vary, depending on the size of frame and materials used.

with the christmas season nearing quickly, this would make someone very happy:) 'cause everyone loves a handmade gift, right?


i need some feedback. is this cute? do you like the color? pattern? hate it? please share:)


  1. Hate it? No way! Very cute girlies!

  2. Cute. Love it. Keep up the good work, ladies!

  3. Ok I seriously love it. Love the colors, materials and everything. I've been dreaming up my necklace/earring solution and that is so great and trendy. Maybe I could do something like that and add hooks at the bottom for my chunky necklaces... anyway, I love it!