Monday, October 10, 2011

Junk? Yes, Please!

This past weekend, Maggie and I had some fun celebrating our birthdays (we are only two weeks apart!). We had tried to get together with all of our girl friends, but it seems that everyone is just so crazy busy this time of year! No worries though, it gave Maggie and I the time to try a restaurant we've been wanting to for a long time (but our schedules just don't usually allow), La Mie Bakery, and to hit up some garage sales! The bakery was great, but we both decided we need to go back to try breakfast next time--their options looked sooo good!

As far as garage sales...we only had luck at one, but we hit the jackpot! Wanna see our finds?

 We had lots of fun literally digging through everything. The stuff wasn't very organized, but as we started putting our pile together, people were making comments. Even the ladies we bought it from said something a long the lines of, "well, when you put it all together like that, it looks pretty cool!" :)

It's difficult to see, but the fans are a greenish  (jade!) cute.

 The crate is a "SNOBOY" crate. We had no idea what that was, but we thought it looked cool! Come to find out, it's a produce company established in 1925! Pretty vintage, folks!

Below is a closer view of the fan (sorry they need cleaned up a little!). The blue thing (does anyone know what this is?? I have seen them before and thought someone had told me once that they are from railroad tracks??) was not found at the garage sale, but at another stop we made later in the afternoon. I think I am going to see what it looks like with a fake flame lit underneath?!

Huh. Didn't get any pictures with Mag--we need to get better at taking pictures of us junkin'!
Anyway, be looking for these items to be under our "rustics for sale" tab very soon! Please let us know if you are interested in any! (


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  1. Your little teal glass guy is an old insulator from a power line, flip it over and a tealight should sit in it nicely :)