Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Decoration Inspiration

If you've read my "about me" section, then you know that my love for rustics came from my wonderful momma. The love has also been sparked by my sister's love for rustics, so you will most likely see many ideas that I get from them in blog posts. I hope you will enjoy their ideas as much as I do!

I thought I would take this opportunity to show you just what I mean... (please excuse the poor lighting and therefore, also the poor quality of some of the pictures...I am pretty sure you will be able to look past it and see all of the cute-ness anyway) ;)

Just so you know, my family lovingly refers to my mom as "Grannie Annie" now that there are grand-kids in the picture. So, when I talk abut Grannie Annie I am referring to my mom :)

Fall at Grannie Annie's House.....
Gah! Look at her awesome entry-way....

Now for inside....

Seriously. These pictures do NOT do it justice! Aren't the above little pumpkins adorable and great for decorating?! You probably saw them in numerous pictures. And lucky a girl that has a mom that always surprises her with fun mom got me some too!! I still need to find a home for mine--any ideas anyone? I need a big enough Ball jar so I can put some in one like she did. (Oh by the way, I believe she said she found these babies at Michael's in case any of you were wondering)

Annnnd since my mom is so sweet and I love her so much, I thought I would surprise HER with giving her a little extra for her birthday (yes, my mom's bday is in October too! It's truly a fab month). Remember the post about this little junking trip that Maggie and I went on? And I had promised I would post some of what we found? Wellll...I will be sharing a few of them right now:

Ahhh I am in love with this crate! This is the jewel that I gave my mom!
You could do so much with this as far as decorating ideas...right now it's filled with gourds, but Christmas time possibly some bulbs or greenery?

Here's the wire basket I got that I am keeping for myself! I have been looking for more wire crates at a fair price, and I finally found one!

Feel inspired?



  1. oooo...grannie annie! you do good job!;) i LOVE the old cheese graters that have been lit up with candles! such a cute idea! you have always had the best holiday decorations...i'm so glad you're willing to share it with everyone!

  2. A Mommy after my own heart...and the heart of my own Mama(very much my decor influence as well)!!! Ditto Maggie, "you do good job!" :)

  3. I think these girls know you well mama and said it best....."you do good job"....don't forget the head nod with that ladies:)

  4. Awww...sweet post Hannah. I feel special being featured. :) I love love love my "just because" wooden crate/box!! I feel guilty though every time I look at it knowing what a sacrifice it was for you to give it up. Love you!

    And for all of you commentors...just remember he understood me speaking his language. You all are just jealous you can't speak two languages like me!