Wednesday, October 5, 2011


my latest obsession? this guy...

i have been eating this sandwich every day for lunch for the past week. and it's really nothing special, but i look forward to lunch now, because i know this will be on my plate! oh the small joys of a stay at home mommy:)

i was inspired by a sandwich that i had over the summer up in clear lake during an outing with brandon's family. so i went home and created it myself, with a few tweaks.

try it yourself! all you need is:

-pretzel bread
-sliced turkey
-any kind of cheese ( i love Fontina, but only had cheddar on hand this week)
-a few slices of a granny smith apple
-a spoonful of apple butter

and you have a gourmet sandwich! i've tried many different combinations of this by using different types of cheese, different flavors of turkey and even putting everything on an everything bagel or asiago cheese baguette. i've always loved pairing sweet apples with other savory foods and this sandwich definitely did not disappoint.

happy eating!


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  1. I seriously know what you mean when you say "the joys of a stay at home mommy". Sometimes it's as simple as a cup of coffee with my favorite creamer or a non-diet Pepsi. I also love it when I have something awesome for lunch. I try to experiment with sandwiches so I can have something different than the same 'ol. I've found putting my sammie on a blueberry bagel makes it a little more fun and I also love to use the Chipotle Mayo from Kraft-- you would really like it :) I'll have to try your sandwich when I can have deli meat again!