Thursday, October 6, 2011

"sully syndrome"

meet sully.

could there be a cuter face?!

sully is my nephew. some of you faithful readers from our previous blog might remember when i asked for prayers for him here. well, i continue to ask for prayers as the doctors are still stumped. our family calls it "sully syndrome" because no one knows exactly what's going on with our sweet little boy. if you're willing to lift him up in prayers, please pray that the doctors will find answers to some of the things that are going on. pray that he continues to grow and develop. pray for his family. he brings such joy to our lives.

on a side note, he will be getting his big boy wheelchair soon! i promise i will post pictures.

now look at one of the other cutest faces in the world...

no, not mine :) but ollie, sully's brother. i can't believe how grown he is.

i love my nephews!! thanks for any prayers you send sully's way!



  1. I can't believe how big both boys are getting, that last picture doesn't even look like Ollie! Love and Prayers your way!!

  2. I agree with meg, Ollie looks so different. So grown up. And Sully, my goodness, he looks great!!! What precious nephews you have indeed. I actually think of them often and will cont. to keep them and your family in my prayers.

  3. Precious post. I happen to think the 3rd face in the pics is also one of the cutest ones in the whole world. :) Love you!