Thursday, November 17, 2011


how annoying is this?

what beautiful porch decorations i have. a disgustingly rotting Cinderella pumpkin and another pumpkin that has slowly been feeding the neighborhood squirrels over the past week.

and this morning i threw away a mini pumpkin that was completely covered in white, hairy mold.

the pumpkins are retaliating against me, i swear. i think it's high time i start breaking out the christmas totes!

yep. it's on the 'to-do' list.



  1. I noticed this morning they looked a little chewed-on, and it appears the squirrels have had lunch and dinner since then. :) Oh, well, you're feeding God's creatures! By the way, who are you? I keep staying tuned for more about Maggie, but it never comes. :)

  2. I agree Janice! I check that all the time and nothing is ever there! I've been meaning to give her a bad time about it and you beat me to it. So let's have it Maggie....who are you? Do tell. :)

  3. ok, ok MOMS. i have been slacking a little bit...but i have every intention to get my 'about maggie' done! thanks for keeping me on my toes:)

  4. You're quite welcome. That is what moms are for. Thanks for joining forces with me, Luann -and I'm glad to see you finally got a post to stay on!