Friday, November 11, 2011

celebrating haven

this past weekend, hannah and i had a baby "sprinkle" for our friend, rachel, at the cheesecake factory. rachel is due in january and is having a baby girl! Haven Joy Vivian Sweerin will be making her appearance before we know it and we needed to celebrate her mama!

the three of us

and just for fun, here's a little walk down memory lane:)

rachel's shower when she was pregnant with judah. january 2010.
the three of us at one of my showers while i was pregnant with peyton. august 2009.
i'm sure there will be a few more of these picture traditions in the future:) apparently i have a thing for scarfs. whether it's in january, november or august(?!)

back to the hannah mentioned in her post, we were snuggled into one of the cheesecake factory's booths, which made for a great space to chat and talk about all things baby. here was the set up:

this was one of the gifts hannah and i made for rach. a sweet, little frame to store all a few of haven's girly bows. i have a feeling she is going to have tons of hair accessories! we are working on many more varieties of these types of frames to sell. so be on the lookout! this frame was especially fun because it's in our signature jade color!

these handmade blocks were a gift from hannah. she found these at the craft show she went to last weekend. 

this next gift was a special surprise from both hannah and i. rachel had emailed me a few weeks before the shower and sent me a picture of this exact wooden carrier on etsy. she was hoping to find something similar to use as a diaper caddy on haven's changing table and asked us to keep out eyes out for something like this. we ordered it that night and stuffed it full of diapers the night before the shower. it will look so cute in haven's nursery!

this was a gift i made for rach. as i said in the card to her, every fashionable mama needs a wipe clutch! excuse the poor lighting. as always, i took this in the 11th hour (literally, at 1am the night before) and my kitchen doesn't provide the best lighting at night. 
this was a fun and inexpensive project to make! i had purchased this fabric years ago and was still waiting for the perfect occasion to create something with it. 

these fabric flowers are always cute and were the perfect touch. you may recognize this left over fabric from my pillow project back during our wonder woman days. i had some leftover scraps that were waiting to be used for something amazing. fabric flowers it was. 

a close up of the ric rac detail along the edge.

overall, it was a fab shower:) we are so excited to meet haven and couldn't be happier that God gave rachel a little girl. love you, rach!!



  1. Thanks for the great shower and the cute post:) I didn't know that was the exact carrier I sent you! Ha! You guys were on top of it ;) Thanks for making me feel special!

  2. Cute shower setup and gifts . . . you are all so good at homemade, special things. Can't wait to meet Miss Haven JV Sweerin!