Sunday, November 27, 2011

thanksgiving re-cap

 my mom dominated in the kitchen this year....she had half the meal already prepared the night before! everything was so good, that it couldn't go un-blogged about:)

yep...isn't she cute?
we had quite the feast and i made sure to get a picture of everything on the menu! check out the spread:

made by moi...pumpkin cream cheese pie, with cinnamon swirl crust

orange bourbon pecan pie. SO. GOOD.
the star of the show. smoked turkey!
mom's homemade cornbread stuffing. a holiday first, but a must for next year!
another creation of mine: twice baked sweet potatoes with chipotle, lime and sour cream
green beans with mushrooms and crispy shallots. a healthier take on  green bean casserole.
and a few more staples from the day.
my pants feel tighter just thinking about how full i felt. amazingly full:) we spent the afternoon lazing around, dipping into the pies and watching football.

wouldn't you agree that four day weekends should happen much more often? i do. especially since it gave us the chance to get our christmas tree up and decorated. yippee! more on that later this week:)

i hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving. now it's back to monday!



  1. I think it looks better in the photos than it did in person. :) It was very tasty though! Love having help in the kitchen!