Tuesday, January 3, 2012

christmas catch up

december was crazy. i think it was for everyone. it's a great time of year, full of excitement and anticipation, but it can also be full of stress and expectations. thankfully, i remained calm throughout the season, tried to maintain peace and kept the real reason of christmas in the back of my head at all times. all this while making homemade christmas gifts for the first time ever, cooking a baby (or as my mom would say, "being a human incubator")  and dealing with constant hunger, fighting a bout of the stomach flu and caring for four kids everyday. thus, blogging fell off my radar. so sorry, faithful readers.

but enough excuses....let's get to it.

this year was the first year where i knew christmas would be fun and exciting for our family. for peyton's first christmas, i was still learning the ropes of motherhood with a three month old and last year, we bought a house the week before christmas, so decorations, traditions and even gifts, were put on the back burner. i knew this was the magical year and it definitely delivered.

(lucky you, grandparents...this post is all about the pictures)

christmas #1 at gaga and papa's house. each present was opened with an "oooh" and an "ahhh". even before she found out what it was:)

opening her gift from "cott and dob":) it takes loads of concentration.

christmas #2 at great aunt linda's house in ventura. these are a few of her favorite cousins to pal around with. eden, zach and peyton.

sweet sister blair and i. she leaves for a semester overseas to wales in a week....what are we going to do without 'aunt bah'?!

b and i. our fifth christmas as husband and wife. but our tenth christmas together. yowza!
these next few pictures are some of my favorites from this year. i am so glad to have these memories captured.

christmas eve night at nama and grandpa's house. peyton is setting out some "coo-poos" for santa. (coo-poo = cookies in peyton language).

writing a letter to santa with her new dry erase crayon board. one of her presents she got from mommy and daddy.

hanging up her stocking before bed.

that face!  she was so proud. the sleepiest girl, but the happiest girl. not to mention, the happiest mom:)

christmas #3 at great grandma's house. this sassy lady got some finger bling for christmas! brandon's dad popped the question, so angie and her three girls will "officially" be in the family!

one of my favorite christmas traditions at great grandma's house. bingo!

some competitive family bingo:) who's gonna win that $10 prize??
christmas #4 at grandpa brian and angie's house. more presents! opening one of her favorite gifts...a new baby doll:)
christmas #5 with grandma and grandpa. peyton got a cradle to rock all her babies in! and she even got some stickers to 'customize' it:) good idea, grandma!

we had five christmas celebrations (five?!) all within three days, but we got to celebrate with all of our family members from both sides. i wouldn't have had it any other way. we are so blessed to have all of our families so close.

still more december catch up to be played...more postings to come.

until then...



  1. I absolutly LOVE the part with Peyton and her setting out Christmas cookies for Santa.I sure had an fantastic Christmas with all of you too!

  2. Makes me tired to think about five Christmases, but what a blessing to be surrounded by so many people who love you!