Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Decoration Inspiration Christmas Style

As Maggie said--December was SO crazy! I can't believe Christmas is already over--where has the time gone?! I am sad, but I look forward to a new year FULL of many amazing things. I know God has a lot in store, and I'm anxious to see all that unfolds.

I thought I would share some decoration inspiration Christmas style--aka mostly "Grannie Annie" style. My mother is the one to blame for my love for junk. Can you see why....?!

This gorgeous door at the end of the hallway. It is beautifully decorated all year long, but this arrangement especially took my breath away!

 Uh! So cute! Trust me-these pics do not even do it all justice.

My mom's house is always so cozy, especially around Christmas. It's part of what makes the season so special. I only hope that I can re-create that feeling for my family someday!

Here is a fun project of mine:
 I bought a Living Social coupon a while ago for Lacey Bella Designs--time was running out to use it, so I bought a few wall decals with no plans to use them on walls at all! Where else would I put them? Well, old windows of course! I have another decal exactly like the one pictured above if anyone is interested!

I have plans for another decal I bought for our bedroom...I'll fill ya in later.

And last, but not least--here is a pic of Hurley and Cinder at grandma and grandpa Vetsch's house! They love Christmas too! :)



  1. Ditto what Meg said! No one does cozy quite like Luann!

  2. Thanks, ladies! Amanda-Cinder is Eric's parents' dog.

  3. you've got to be kidding me that, that is Hurley??!!! Oh my he's changed so much since I've seen his pup pictures!

    For some reason I have a crazy urge to meet your mom and hang out at her house???