Friday, October 14, 2011


the rustic jade has a groupie. it's my husband. at first he questioned the name that hannah and i came up with, but ever since the blog launch, he has been on board. he supports my ideas and most importantly, supports my crazy junking habit. he also hasn't been able to park his car in the garage since april....i'd say that's some serious support, no?

anyway, this past monday we took a trip to center grove orchard. that trip is a post of another day, but a small part of the day was spent at their amazing pumpkin patch. i have never been to a pumpkin patch before, so it was a new and fun experience! peyton had fun playing in the dirt (surprise, surprise) and squeezing all the little, green seeds on the ground. she hung out with the grandparents, while brandon and i went on a mission. to find the best pumpkin in the patch. brandon makes everything a competition:)

not only did we find the best pumpkin, we found five of them! and one was especially cool. from across the patch, brandon yells at me to come to where he is. with a big smile on his face, he holds up the sweetest pumpkin ever and says with a sassy voice, "it's the rustic jade!" it was adorable. we lugged them all back home with us and now mr. rustic jade himself has a home on my dining room table.

our mascot
 isn't he sweet?? i'm going to be sad when he's a shriveled up mess in our compost pile:( but until heart will beat a little faster when i walk into my dining room.


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  1. LOL oh Brandon. I'm glad he's our groupie. Eric actually said the EXACT same thing this weekend about a trunk he bought me! So funny. We have the best husbands :)