Monday, October 17, 2011

time warp

we took my in-laws to Center Grove Orchard last weekend and the whole time, i kept thinking about how fast the time has flown by and how much has changed in the past year. last year, brandon, peyton and i drove from ames to the orchard on my birthday. this year, we drove up from west des moines on the day before my birthday. in 2010, peyton had only been walking on her own about three weeks. we had a lot of fun, but kept telling each other, " next year will be SO much fun for peyton!". and it was:) 

center grove orchard is located northeast of ankeny and is a fabulous place to go as a family in the fall ( my alliteration??). they have so many activities for children of all ages. we did as many as we could and little P was a trooper, even with a much delayed nap. brandon and i decided that this may have turned into a family tradition!

here are a few 2010 versus 2011 pictures. 
before i know it, there will be three of each of these up here. time is flying:(

2010.  yep...cute little piggies in corn:)
2011.  slightly bigger pigs:)
2010. hesitant about walking through the tunnel...

2011. she RAN through the tunnel!
2010.  her feet are no where near the pedals:(
2011. tearin' up the track!

 thanks, center grove, for make such sweet memories for my family:)



  1. awww seeing the difference in these pictures is soo cute! you HAVE to do it every year!

  2. Cute! Hannah took the words right out of my mouth, these pics have to be tradition :)...great minds, I'm sure this is your intention Maggie so, great mind there too! Can you imagine Ms. Peyton at age 13 having to still put her little piggies in the corn for Mom to take a picture? :) Heehee