Wednesday, October 19, 2011

salad love

along with my recent sandwich obsession and i have fallen in love with this salad:

at our house, brandon and i call it "the blue cheese and pear" salad. pretty creative, i know:)  the first experience i had with blue cheese in a salad, was down in texas (of all places?!) at my sister in law's wedding back in 2006. it was served at the rehearsal dinner and i don't remember the exact components, but there was definitely blue cheese and fruit. brandon, a blue cheese hater for life, took a leap of faith and tried the salad...and loved it! we have been hooked ever since.

check out what i used:

there are many different renditions of this salad, but the main things to get in there (in my opinion...i'm no iowa girl eats!) is the blue cheese, a pear and the candied nuts. i chose to do almonds, but walnuts or even pecans would be just as good. just stir them with a few tablespoons of sugar over medium heat until the sugar caramelizes. any lettuce will do, but a mix of spring greens and spinach is my fave. then cut up any fruit you have lying around. seriously. grapes, pears, apples, craisins, raisins....the list could go on. top it off with blue cheese, nuts and any vinaigrette dressing (raspberry is good!) and you're ready to eat.

it's definitely one of our go-to salads, so try it! it's delish:)


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